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Bardar’s debut campaign, “The Weatherman Knows Best,” brings a fresh and audacious edge to promoting Sydney’s nightlife. Centered around the enigmatic character of The Weatherman, this campaign promises to deliver real-time nightlife forecasts, ensuring that users spend less time queueing and more time enjoying their night.

From the co-Founder Dexter J Todd:

The journey to developing Bardar was inspired by a frustrating night out at The Bank in Newtown, where the long wait and poor atmosphere highlighted the need for a better way to choose venues. This experience, coupled with encouragement at an event led by an angel investor at AirTree in Surry Hills, spurred the development of the app. The advice given was invaluable, emphasizing the low risk for young entrepreneurs, the minimal barriers to starting a software business, and the significant learning experience, regardless of the outcome.

Meeting my co-founder, Oli, at ANU was another critical milestone, making the launch of Bardar possible. Our app stands out not by keeping users online longer, but by efficiently connecting them to suitable nightlife spots, allowing them to enjoy real-world experiences with minimal app interaction.

Developing the app, we faced challenges such as team adjustments and financial hiccups, which were overcome by refining our approach and re-engaging investors. To enhance safety in nightlife, Bardar is introducing features like live incident reporting and highlighting ‘Purple Flag’ safe zones, ensuring users can feel secure while out.

Reaching the age of 21 has shifted my perspective on nightlife, continuously inspiring new app features as my own preferences evolve. Bardar’s UI and UX are meticulously designed to offer a seamless and engaging user experience, aiming for high aesthetic appeal and user satisfaction. In defining our brand identity, we’ve positioned Bardar uniquely at the intersection of tech and nightlife, using playful and innovative marketing strategies to resonate with our audience.

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